Point System

CSRA Dragbike Association Championship Points System


General All Classes:

1- Must be a paid member in good standing to participate in points series. Points will be awarded for the following in each class; Entry, Round Win, Perfect Attendance for series. Additional points and point values are class specific. See individual class listings below.

2- Entry: Race entry is valid when all the following apply; Race entry paid, tech is passed, and min. of one time trial pass completed, or, if no time trial, a completed 1st round pass.

A pass is considered complete when a competitor crosses the head of staging line, stages the bike under power and takes the light by a forward motion. If after bike and rider crosses the head of staging line 1st round w/o a time trial, and competitor cannot stage bike under power, then ½ entry points will be awarded.

In case of event cancellation, points accumulated up to the point of last completed round will be awarded. No partial round points awarded. If cancellation occurs before completion of 1st round, it is considered a non-event and no points will be awarded.

3- Round Win: As indicated by track scoring system.

4- Perfect Attendance: Valid race entry in all races for the series. All races will be counted. No dropped races. Awarded after last series race completed.

Points follow rider, not bike entered. No bike substitutions after official call for 1st round. All substitutions must be approved by race director before 1st round call.

No guaranteed time trial for bike substitutions. No double entries. No buy backs. No whining. Ties in points will be broken as follows: 1- Most races won. 2- Runoff between competitors. Pairings and lanes determined by random draw of chips or cards.


Race Entry- 2pts.

Round Win- 1pt.

Perfect Attendance- 1pt.


Race Entry- 20pts.

#1 Qualifier- 10pts

Round Win- 10pts..

Perfect Attendance- 10pts.