Basic Rules


Race Procedures & Basic Rules

1. Yearly membership fee: $20 per year – payable in advance or at 1st race entered if rider wishes to enter points. Non-members are still eligible to race.

2. Leather jacket, leather gloves, boots above the ankle, and helmet required.

3. All bikes must have a chain guard, front brakes, and kill switch. Bikes must pass track tech if applicable. Any bike deemed unsafe by the race coordinator will not be allowed to race with CSRA.

4. Ground clearance on all bikes must be a minimum of two inches (2”). This may be checked anytime during qualifying/time runs and/or eliminations.

5. Belly-pans or diapers for Nitrous bikes are required, and recommended on all bikes.

6. Number plates on side of bike required in all classes. All riders are required to run the same bike number throughout the season. E.T. Bracket class – number plate on right side and dial-in plate required. (Carolina Dragway) 5.60 INDEX class – number plate on left side required.

7. Each class will have two qualifying/time runs.

8. All classes will have a maximum of 60 minutes between qualifying/time runs and elimination rounds. The allotted time between rounds may be adjusted if the bike count warrants a change- advance notification will be given. For the finals, a maximum of 15 additional minutes after last pair goes down the track will be allowed.

9. Any rider crossing the centerline will automatically be disqualified.

10. If a bike loses fire after the burn out, they will be allowed a maximum of 30 seconds to restart and pre-stage. If they do not pre-stage after 30 seconds, the other bike will be sent on a single run.

11. Auto Start will be used at all events. Once three lights are on (two pre-stage and one stage) the competitor that is not staged will have seven seconds to stage or the computer will red light automatically.

12. Staging (all classes):

Both riders pre-stage light must be turned on before either stage light is turned on. Courtesy staging will be enforced.

13. No Deep Staging (all classes):

Once both pre-stage and stage lights are turned on, the first rider who turns off the pre-stage light will be automatically red lighted by the computer.

14. Pairings and Lane Determination (E.T. Bracket):

Pairings and lane determined by chip or card draw. Red chip or card = Right lane.

15. Buy Backs (E.T. Bracket):

Buy backs allowed when there are ten (10) or fewer racers. This rule applies specifically to ET races at Carolina Dragway. When a racer becomes eliminated from the race, but opts to buy back, point accumulation terminates. Buy backs will be available if time allows and at the discretion of the Race Coordinator.

NOTE: Buy backs will remain separate from the initial card draw for pairings and lane determination.

16. Bye-runs (E. T. Bracket):

a. First round bye-run determined by chip or card draw.

b. Rider with the bye-run in all rounds will keep the bye until he/she uses it or is eliminated.

c. After the first bye-run is used, next bye-run will be determined by best reaction time of previous round.

17. Bye-run (5.60 index):

a. First round bye-run will be determined by the rider who was closest to the index on the 2 qualifying runs. If there is a tie, the bye-run will be determined by the higher MPH.

b. All other bye-runs will be determined by the ladder. Lane choice will be determined by the higher qualifying position.

18. Dial-in (E.T. Bracket):

a. All dial-ins must be posted on each motorcycle prior to pulling out of the staging lane and cannot be changed on the motorcycle after that point.

b. The rider is responsible for ensuring that his/her dial-in is correct prior to pre-staging. If a dial-in for either rider is incorrect, then both riders must back out of the pre-stage if one rider had already pre-staged.

c. Once both pre-stage lights are turned on then no changes of dial-in can be made.

19. Points from all three races in each class will count for year-end bonus money and points standing. Only paid members will be eligible for points and year- end bonus money.

20. The use of alcohol or drugs by any participant is strictly prohibited. If a rider is suspected of alcohol or drug use, he will be immediately ejected from the race and any points accumulated will be taken away. The member’s standing in the association will then be reviewed by the officers to determine if further participation in C.S.R.A. events will be allowed.

21. Participant Conduct Code/good sportsmanship will be enforced by the race coordinator. C.S.R.A. members are also responsible for the conduct of their pit crew members and guests. Violation of the conduct code by any crew member or guest could lead to ejection of the entire race team.

NOTE: All questions should be directed to the race coordinator during an event. The race coordinator has the final say on all race procedures and rules. No exceptions.